What’s new in the Bullseye guide?

I try to keep as many parts of the setup unchanged. Many of us are happy with their mail servers and want to change as little as possible. Email is a boring matter anyway and we do our jobs best if our users don’t even realize that we are there.

A few things though that are new in this version of the ISPmail guide:

  • Newer software versions – it is a new Debian release after all. There are no breaking changes. Just business as usual.
  • Focus on the actual mail server setup. I used to include discussions about “Why are Debian packages so old?” and lengthy instructions on how to use LVM to partition your disk. Those pages are still on workaround.org and linked from the ISPmail guide but no longer part of it. I also try hard to bitch around less. 🙂
  • A working Ansible playbook again if you have worked through this guide but don’t want to repeat all the steps if you want to set up multiple servers.

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