Reverse social engineering

In the past days I have watched a lot of 30C3 talks that I missed to attend in person. Getting a brain update of what is really going on in this world is what I enjoy. A well deserved break

Trust over security in today’s internet

I assume that you are rightfully scared of public cloud services like Google and the legal terrorism done by insatiable secret services. If you are instead a happy GMail user and don’t know what I’m talking about – go watch cat pictures instead

Your privacy checklist for the post-cloud era

Secret services are spying on us. Companies call us consumers and consider us slaughter cattle. Governments invent tales of terrorists to ensure they keep the powers that they don’t deserve. I used to be reviled as paranoid – but nothing is

Desktop despair – Gnome 3 risked too much

I've always been enthusiastic to show people the advantages of using a Linux desktop. KDE 3.5 accompanied me for many years until some ill-conceived KDE 4 ate my spare time and finally made me switch to Gnome 2 – after

Getting help on IRC

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a real-time chat where you can talk to other people from around the planet. Although many channels deal with smalltalk about the weather, girl-friends and politics there are IRC networks and channels that are dedicated

MySQL to PostgreSQL – a Bacula conversion odyssey

Why is it that always the seemingly most simple things turn out to be the most annoying? This time I “just” wanted to get rid of one of my last MySQL databases and move it over to PostgreSQL. The Bacula

Security by Obscurity isn’t necessarily bad

Time and again I find myself in a hot discussion with others who claim that security by obscurity is a bad thing. SbO means gaining safety by hiding things. Don’t get me wrong – I love open-source software and although