Debian packages are so old

Debian comes with tens of thousands of software packages that you can easily install on your system. But Debian only publishes a new “stable” release every 2-3 years. That creates the impression that Debian packages must always be up to 3 years old. And who wants to work with a three year old piece of …

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Reverse social engineering

In the past days I have watched a lot of 30C3 talks that I missed to attend in person. Getting a brain update of what is really going on in this world is what I enjoy. A well deserved break from politicians’ lies and mass media. One of the talks I came across was about …

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Getting help on IRC

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a real-time chat where you can talk to other people from around the planet. Although many channels deal with smalltalk about the weather, girl-friends and politics there are IRC networks and channels that are dedicated to a piece of software or an operating system. for example exists to support …

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