Ctrl-P file finding magic with Vim

A month ago I decided to buy a license for the Sublime Text 3 editor. One of its brilliant features is a very smart file opening feature. However I learned that a Vim plugin can do the same.

A couple of Python nerds pointed me to Sublime Text and it looked pretty nice. To be honest I think that it isn’t much better than (the free) Komodo Edit but maybe I’ll compare those editors later. However there was one feature in Sublime Text that I liked – a smart feature that finds any file by typing a few characters. You just press Ctrl+P and start entering characters that appear in the desired filename:

As you can see the characters do not even need to be appear consecutive in the filename. This makes opening files really easy. Quite a while before Sublime implemented that feature Kien Nguyen developed a plugin for the Vim editor called ctrlp. So if you are a Vim user you may want to check it out – the installation just takes a minute. After that you can press Ctrl-P in your Vim and enjoy the same functionality:

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