paginate – my Python pagination module

Pylons is was a really nice web framework to create complex web sites in Python easily. I was not entirely happy with the old "pagination" module though so I took the challenge to rewrite it and finally came up with a "paginate" module that became part of the "webhelpers" Python package. Nowadays you can even get the de-coupled "paginate" module and use it with any (or even no) Python web framework. Get the module using "pip install paginate" or from PyPi

I have written an introduction chapter on the module as part of the Pylons/Pyramid documentation.

2 thoughts on “paginate – my Python pagination module

  • 2011-09-02 at 00:30

    Just wanted to drop a little thank you note. Just managed to implement your paginating module into my little project. Although it took me quite some time to realize that I probably should be upgrading my webhelpers-module instead of trying to work my way around the old one (I was desperately looking for a an equivalent to the missing PageURL function in this example But now it works like a charm, thank you very much!

    By the way, the links in this short article aren't working. But I guess your introduction chapter would be the one I found using the link above?

    Thanks again and with best regards, Lukas

    • 2011-09-02 at 13:08

      Hi Lukas,

      thanks for the hint. I have corrected the link in my tiny article above. There has been some discussion on making paginate more versatile and less dependent on Pylons/Pyramid. The problem is to make the link generation function generic and so far nobody has had the right idea on that. Feel free to contribute at


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