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I would appreciate if you leave a comment here telling others if your mail server is running. Perhaps even a word about the purpose of the mail server and the number of users you have. That allows others to see that their time is well-spent and indeed leads to a working mail server. Thanks for your feedback.

5 thoughts on “Success stories”

  1. I am proud to be able to thank the author of this series of Guides publicly, for all the unbelievable work he has done, all these years. To anyone wishing to truly understand what running a mail server is about, this is the proper place to be.

  2. Thanks again for such a comprehensive guide. I’ve been using it for several years and I appreciate the updates for the new versions.

    I just did a “speed run” on a test mail server/domain and it took about 2 hours. TLS/DKIM/SPF are all passing too! I’ve gotten a lot of practice with your guide over the last few versions, so I would hope that I can complete it quickly.

  3. Successfully migrated to a Debian 12 server from Debian 9 (2017, yikes).

    Thank you for the updated guide!

    The only hiccup I encountered was with the new journalctl instead of log files, and also I had to manually add the “quota” column to the “users” database table. This was easier than modifying some of the configuration given in the guide. My server is just for myself so I skipped the quota section.

    After getting my server up I struggled like hell with the Z-Sync 2.7.1 tarball (no packages for Debian 12 available) but I got everything working. My new VPS is only 2GB ram rather than 4GB ram (no more clamd, no more fail2ban). Finally decommissioning my old VPS!

  4. Successfully upgraded mailserver using the Ansible Playbook route on my Raspberry Pi 2. Many thanks.

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