Bareos/Bacula Cheat Sheet

Bacula is a nifty backup software that is network-capable and stores data in the database for faster retrieval in case you need a certain file back. As a big fan of cheat sheets I created this cheat sheet.

What’s up?

Which files shall be backed up? show filesets I=Included, E=Excluded
What’s the server doing? status dir
What’s the status of a certain job? status jobid=xx
What’s the client doing? status client
What’s the streamer doing? status storage
Anything new? messages

Backing up

Start a backup run …and choose the backup job
Label a new tape label …and run mount afterwards


The common way (a user accidentally removed a file and wants the newest version back from the tapes:

  • Use the restore command.
  • Choose option 5 (Select the most recent backup for a client).
  • cd / ls / dir / mark / markdir / unmark / unmarkdir / lsmark / estimate / pwd / count / find
  • done


Last jobs list jobs …or list jobid=xx’ for a specific job
Statistics about last jobs list jobtotal
Which files were backed up? list files jobid=xx

Job status

Status means…
T Terminated normally
C Created but not yet running
R Running
B Blocked
E Terminated in Error
e Non-fatal error
f Fatal error
D Verify Differences
A Canceled by the user
F Waiting on the File daemon
S Waiting on the Storage daemon
m Waiting for a new Volume to be mounted
M Waiting for a Mount
s Waiting for Storage resource
j Waiting for Job resource
c Waiting for Client resource
d Wating for Maximum jobs
t Waiting for Start Time
p Waiting for higher priority job to finish
W Terminated with warnings


Which tapes are in the pool? list media
Remove a tape delete media
Which pools are defined? list pools
Which tapes are/were used for a certain job? list jobmedia
Assign a tape to a certain pool add
Change parameters of a tape update volume


Erase a label on the tape mt rewind && mt weof && mt rewind

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