• IRC is a great medium for getting instant help (at least on the freenode IRC network). I have collected some tips about Getting help on IRC to help you get help instead of getting barbecued.
  • knoba’s factoids
    I run a bot called knoba (short for knowledge base) on the freenode IRC network. Two channels I visit frequently are #postfix and #squid. So I have fed the bot with lots of factoids that you can query using !foobar in the channel. These are the factoids understood in #postfix. Please don’t play with the bot publicly. Send it a “/msg knoba help" and learn how it works.

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    1. Christoph Haas

      Good question indeed. Aside from a couple of standard modules I'm using the "MoobotFactoids" module to delivers "factoids" in IRC channels. To be honest I found that all of the factoid modules suck and this one sucks the least. The advantage of "MoobotFactoid" is it's persistent storage in an SQLite database that you can easily manage from the shell or read from other tools. I have added an aliases that help using it:

      supybot.plugins.Alias.aliases.tell: echo $1: [Factoids whatis $2]

      These aliases help you write "!tell Signum welcome" and the bot will send a private message to the user "Signum" containing the "welcome" factoid.

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