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Thank you very much for your monetary support of this web site and my open-source contributions. Even though I sometimes find little spare time to work on the several projects (Debian, the ISPmail tutorial, Pylons, Spamalyser, etc.) it’s always nice to see people like you supporting me. That usually gives me a little hint on how to spend my evenings. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Thanks for your support”

  1. Your tutorials have saved me coutless hours of Google searches and assembling bits and pieces of information.  I'm a Centos person but I can "speak" Debian, so translating the procedures (where required) is easy.  Keep up the excellent work!!

  2. Hi, the mailserver tutorial is just awesome. Like another person said, it saved from putting bit by bit together from searching on google. 

    I used with OpenSuSe, but with a few changes it works like a charm. I just donated and wish you will have fun with the little money.

  3. Elliott W.

    Once every 3 years or so I have to set up a new server.  And when I do, your ISPmail tutorials make everything much easier than it would otherwise be.  Thanks for taking the time to write such detailed, clear, and well-explained instructions!

  4. Christoph,

    Thank you so much for the ISPMail tutorials. I found them very informative and very well written.
    I even enjoyed the process of setting up the mail server (don’t tell my wife).

    The quality of your writing should be an example of how tutorials should be written.

    So enjoy my little donation, buy yourself a beer or a cake (or both).

  5. I second the other comments: thank you for your nice guides, clear and comprehensive. My server has been delivering mail flawlessly for more than two years!
    Keep up the good work,

  6. Pavin Joseph

    Thank you Christoph for the best email tut on the internet for beginners to Postfix and email in general!

  7. I tell people I have my own DNS, mailserver, imap, smtp, webmail they think I am so kind of genius. I direct them to your webpage. Clear and precise step by step directions. I could never have done it without your help, or if I did it would take a looooong time.

    It is great to know Yahoo, Google or anyone else is not mining my email. Add a VPN to a VPS and my personal business stays my personal business. People ask “What do I have to hide?”. I answer “You would be outraged if the mailman opened and read every letter you receive. Why do you think it is OK for strangers to read all your email?”.

  8. Thanks a lot for your ISPmail tutorial!
    Not only a great tutorial for setting up a mailserver, but for a beginner it also provides useful information for a better understanding on how a mailserver works. Very well done!

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