What’s new?

I try to keep as many parts of the setup unchanged. Many of us are happy with their mail servers and want to change as little as possible. Email is a boring matter anyway and we do our jobs best if our users don’t even realize that we are there.

A few things though that are new in this version of the ISPmail guide:

  • Newer software versions – it is a new Debian release after all. There are no breaking changes. Just business as usual. If you want to check the changelogs here are the version changes:
    • Postfix 3.5.18 -> 3.7.6
    • Dovecot 2.3.13 -> 2.3.19
    • PHP 7.4 -> 8.2
    • rspamd 2.7.1 -> 3.4.1
    • Apache 2.4.56 -> 2.4.57
    • Roundcube 1.4.13 -> 1.6.1
    • MariaDB 1.21 -> 1.22
    • Adminer 4.7.9 -> 4.8.1
  • An improved Ansible playbook to help you automate all the steps of this guide if you want to set up multiple servers without repeating all steps manually.
  • Clearer explanations. I have reworded complex parts of the configuration.
  • Fixed links. The Dovecot wiki has moved around quote a lot of pages and I didn’t notice earlier because it did not lead to a 404 or a redirect.
  • Dovecot now uses the “count” backend to compute a user’s quota. Previous guides still used “maildir”.
  • Two chapters are currently not published: the part about Thunderbird auto-configuration because there seem to be problems with the newest versions of Thunderbird. And the part about firewalling and fail2ban because there seems to be a bug with firewalld and fail2ban. These pages deal with optional features and are not a showstopper.

4 thoughts on “What’s new?”

  1. What bug is there with fail2ban/firewalld?

    I have thunderbird autoconfig functioning in my end.
    Id be willing to assist anyone that is trying to do this.

  2. Luděk Habarta


    nice work again.
    I actually tried and tested the auto configuration according to previous guide and it works nicely.
    What problem you are talking about ?


  3. Although the section on firwalld is not published, would it be alright to follow the instructions in that section from Debian 11 even though I am setting up my mail server with Debian 12?

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