Renaming multiple files

If you need to rename a larger number of files following a certain pattern then you will long for an automated solution. The ‘rename’ command helps you here that is (at least on my Debian installation)¬†part of the Perl installation. All you need to know is the basics of regular expressions to define how the renaming should happen.

Say you want to add a ‘.old’ to every file in your current directory. At the end of each expression ($) a ‘.old’¬†will be set:

rename 's/$/.old' *

Or you want to make the filenames lowercase:

rename 'tr/A-Z/a-z/' *

Or you want to remove all double characters:

rename 'tr/a-zA-Z//s' *

Or you have many JPEG files that look like “img0000154.jpg” but you want the first five zeros removed as you don’t need them:

rename 's/img00000/img/' *.jpg

In fact you can use any Perl operator as an argument. The actual documentation for the ‘s’ and ‘y’/’tr’ operators are found in the ‘perlop’ manpage.

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