Zabbix video series available

In case you haven't heard – I have been working on a video series for learning how to use the Zabbix open-source network monitoring software properly. Finally the work is done and the series is available at PacktPub. Feels good.

Making the best of Zabbix maps

There are different ways to access the data that Zabbix has gathered for you. If you are looking for a graphical way then you will want to try out maps. In this article I will give you an example on

Zabbix: How escalations work

Zabbix is a very complex software that takes weeks to fully understand. One of the most interesting, most complex and least documented features are escalations. They are used to define a schedule what Zabbix is supposed to do when a

Introduction to Zabbix

This article is supposed to help administrators who need to monitor their network and servers to learn how to configure and use the Zabbix monitoring software quickly and painlessly. I have been a Nagios addict for many years but recently have become a big fan of Zabbix. With this article I would like to share my experiences and provide an introduction to Zabbix.

Tired of Nagios and Cacti? Try Zabbix.

One of my professional duties in my past ten years was monitoring systems. Even my diploma thesis was dedicated to distributed monitoring (altough my professor sucked badly ). Apart from a few custom-programmed scripts to analyze special situations (e.g. proxy