ISPmail Jessie tutorial

DNS MX records

About MX entries So now you have your working mail server. But how do emails find you? The answer lies in the most important service on the internet: DNS. Assume that you are the owner of the domain. And a mail server somewhere on the other end of the internet wants to send an …

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Setting up the Apache web server

Now that you have a valid key and certificate you are ready to set up your web server. You will need it for the Roundcube webmail interface and – if you like – the PHPMyAdmin database management interface. The Apache web server installation on Debian stores all virtual host configurations in /etc/apache2/sites-available/. There are two files …

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Install the software packages

Your server should now be booted up and ready. You can now login at the console. But I personally prefer to login from my workstation via SSH. Use the “johndoe” user (or whatever you named it) to login. To become root and be able to install software packages run… su – …and enter the root …

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Install Debian Jessie on your server

If you rented a virtual server at your favorite hosting company then you already have a ready installation of Debian Jessie. Feel free to skip this page → Basic installation and partitioning Installing Debian Jessie is easy. Get a boot medium from the Debian website. The smaller network installer is sufficient – it will download all …

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Types of email domains

This is the most boring but also most important page of the entire tutorial. Most problems that readers have with their mail servers are caused by a misunderstanding of the different types of email domains. There is nothing you need to do to your server right now. Just lean back and relax and make sure that …

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The big picture

The mail server that you are about to set up uses several software components. Let me first explain briefly what the purpose of each software is: Debian “Jessie” – the operating system Postfix received incoming emails from the internet and sends out outgoing emails to other mail servers SpamAssassin runs sanity checks on an incoming email to determine …

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