Tracking last logins with Dovecot

There is a newer issue of thie ISPmail guide available if you are using Debian Jessie! Per request I have added a section to the Wheezy ISPmail tutorial about how to track last logins with the Dovecot mail server. This

Docking and undocking Linux laptops with nVidia GPUs using disper

Do you have trouble switching the display when docking and undocking your Linux laptop? In this article I will show you how to use disper and keyboard shortcuts to do that reliably if you are using nVidia’s annoyingly broken RandR-incompatible graphics driver.

Backups with rsnaphot to external USB drives

How long has it been since you last backed up your Linux system? Let me guess – you tried various backup systems and hate all of them? Let me show you how to use rsnapshot and an external inexpensive USB drive

Zabbix: How escalations work

Zabbix is a very complex software that takes weeks to fully understand. One of the most interesting, most complex and least documented features are escalations. They are used to define a schedule what Zabbix is supposed to do when a

Tired of Nagios and Cacti? Try Zabbix.

One of my professional duties in my past ten years was monitoring systems. Even my diploma thesis was dedicated to distributed monitoring (altough my professor sucked badly ). Apart from a few custom-programmed scripts to analyze special situations (e.g. proxy

Renaming multiple files

If you need to rename a larger number of files following a certain pattern then you will long for an automated solution. The ‘rename’ command helps you here that is (at least on my Debian installation) part of the Perl installation.

Pipes and redirection

Many system administrators seem to have problems with the concepts of pipes and redirection in a shell. A coworker recently asked me how to deal with log files. How to find the information he was looking for. This article tries

Why you should not use Python’s easy_install carelessly on Debian

(Hint: This article talks about the Pylons web framework which is essentially dead. But the warning about easy_install and pip is still valid.) This article tries to make clear why blindly running setuptools/ez_setup on Debian/Ubuntu is dangerous and will happily break