Writing Squid authenticators

An authenticator that you can use in Squid is pretty simple. So if you find you need to use an authentication scheme that is not yet supported you can pretty easily write one yourself. All you need is some basic

Nagios plugin for checking Squid

I once needed a way to make sure our Squid proxy cluster operates correctly. So I wrote a rather simple Squid check plugin for the Nagios monitoring software. André Moura has pimped it further. Feel free to use it. It’s

Squid log reader

Reading Squid’s log files can be hard for us humans. This Perl script will help you decipher them. Note that since Squid version 2.6 you can customize the log format. See http://www.squid-cache.org/Doc/config/logformat/ for details. I personally prefer this log format:

Using LDAP to authenticate Squid proxy users

This article is meant to help set up LDAP authentication with a Squid proxy. Often administrators are using Squid as the central proxy for a company. For security reasons users need to enter their username and password before they are

How to keep your users from bypassing your proxy

Many administrators do not seem to recognize the true purpose of a proxy. That is to make sure nothing but a certain protocol is used through the proxy. Squid is a HTTP proxy. It makes sure that people use nothing

How Squid ACLs work

For less experienced Squid administrators the concept of ACLs can be confusing at first. But they offer a great way of controlling who is allowed to access which web pages when. ACLs First you need to define certain criteria like